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Chilingirian Quartet,
string quartet


The inevitable stars were the Chilingirian Quartet…they remain giants in their field.
The Independent

Really impressive; poised and with fine tone and passionate delivery.
Chausson/d’Indy (Gramophone)

The Chilingirian Quartet’s accurate and rounded account reveals the glories of this work…the Chilingirian have given us one of their finest recordings, effortlessly mastering the technical demands of this superb and unjustly neglected music.

In the hands of the Chilingirian Quartet these works received the best possible advocacy. The dark orchestral richness of much of the scoring is given full rein, as is the twinkling cheerfulness which is the countervailling force.
Grieg/Hyperion (Classic CD)

Tangibly the product of live performances, these accounts traverse the gamut of emotions, bristling with energy, lyricism and conviction, and ensuring that this disc will never gather much dust.
Chaussson/Hyperion (BBC Music Magazine)

In this game of harmony and dissonance, the quartet’s technical and expressive abilities really served to highlight their interpretation, seeing into (Bartok’s) soul…Particularly impressive were the cellist Philip De Groote’s clear, penetrating tone and the 1st violinist Levon Chilingirian’s crystal-clear phrasing (Mozart)…Affectionate and spacious (Dvorak).
Rome & Bologna, Bartok, Mozart & Dvorak (Il Tempo)

Extraordinarily fine levels of performance…Unanimity of thought and action in even the most subtle nuances of tempo in the andante made for gratifying listening; it was as if the players were drawing on a shared musical consciousness.
Perth Festival (Australia), Tavener & Mozart

The quartet has been successful in its performance of the classics as in its advocacy of music of our own time, and this concert was no exception. From the first phrase of Mozart K589 suavity and refinement were in evidence… The players produced a beautifully balanced ensemble throughout… The Chilingirian responded to (Britten’s) frailer sound world with skill, capturing both the cold and the troubled urgency…Schubert’s C major Quintet emerged with all its emotional fluctuations intact. Ensemble was again richly textured and expertly balanced: the rapt slow movement came across with a marvellous sense of stillness and sense of direction.
Wigmore Hall, Mozart, Britten, Schubert. (Daily Telegraph).

A stunning programme that will be remembered as one of the high points of Cincinatti’s classical season…One of those rare ensembles that displays complete and total communication and amazing homogeneity.
Cincinatti Enquirer, Tavener, Brahms & Haydn

Those indispensable pillars of British musical life, the Chilingirian Quartet.
The Times.

The Chilingirian Quartet made such an impression with their interplay, that the work (Shostakovich 15) was met with astonishment and deep reflection…Breathtaking chamber music given a thrilling interpretation…
Darmstadt, Grieg, Shostakovich & Smetana, (Frankfurter Rundschau)